Welcome to SUZUKI NORTH , home of the wild to heart where the free spirits ride the roads making life exciting . We here at SUZUKI NORTH care about our fellow man and our community. Riding a motorcycle or scooter is like setting your soul on fire bringing you to a place where a never ending grin is hard to get rid of. Our customers walk through the door with smiles on their faces. Our Service Department is one of the best around however we do ask that you call ahead and set up an apointment to assure that you get in and out in a good time as we do not have the space for storage. 317 844-7317

Oh, Yes Sir, we do have the best prices around. How can we do that you say? Well Sir, its pretty simple we have very low overhead and we just pass the savings down to our customers.
Oh Yes sir I completely agree that money can't buy you happiness and the person that told you that, well Sir, just didn't know where to shop

Yes Sir, We have Motorcycles , of course anything over 49CC'S is registered as a motorcycle and needs tags however, we tend to call the ones that twist and go a  Scooter & or a Mopeds that range from 49cc and up.  We also have ATV'S and even a few quality used Cars.

Sure we have some great financing and extended warrantee protection plans if you want a new Suzuki and heck we even have a GAP plan if someone steals your bike or scooter, which will help pay it off with a $0 balance. Come on in and Ill show what I can do to help you save loads of money and get exactly what you want..


As oil prices rise across the world gas prices just keep rocketing up too. Cheap gas seems to be a memory of the past as we all look to save money on fuel and saving is never all that fun. Why not do both? Save your money and have fun at the same time, on a motorcycle a twist and go scooter! No matter what you call it, Petrol, Gas or just plain old fuel, motorcycles better yet scooters are some of the best choices around. With the gas you save all spring,summer and fall you can more than drive your car free in the winter. We love helping our customers save money

We also have a great service and repair shop with experienced technicians that will gladly help you if ever you should need them the only thing we ask is that you call ahead of time and make an appointment so we can have our service guys look it over and call you back with anything it may need to keep it running smoothly.


Keystone to 126th street and take the round about West to S Rangeline Rd go North Look for sign on the Left.


Suzuki North Carmel Cycles
510 S Rangeline Road
Carmel Indiana 46032
317 844-7317 cell 317 908-6837 Questions   Business Mail





Be safe, don't be sorry , We Care about our Customers